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I H S (Part II) by Forestal Lawton

  12/22/2014, devotion for week #52 
  Reference: Read I Peter 4:6, Philippians 3:8

We all face problems in life. Sometimes we mistakenly view our problems as a type of suffering. But are we really suffering as our Savior did? 

Iíve had the opportunity to travel to third world countries and see the living conditions in those countries. You donít have to go, itís on television and across the internet, mothers crying because their children have no food. They appear to have more than their share of the suffering. Yet we are all Godís children. Iím not inferring that we should all take a vow of poverty like Mother Teresa or others. However we must remember that to whom much is given much is required. Our share of the suffering can be in the form of identifying with those who are less fortunate. Our share of the suffering can be being moved to have compassion on those who are less fortunate. As we enter Advent, letís remember those who are less fortunate. It can be our share of the suffering.

THE PRAYER: Lord, thank you for sending your Son as our Savior. I know that He gave His life and suffered much for my sake. Place a spirit of compassion in my heart that I may give of myself and my resources to help those less fortunate. Amen.




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