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Reverse Adversity’s Affects

  2/13/2016, devotion for week #6 
  Reference: Lamentations 3:22-38, Romans 11:33, I John 4:18

Although we are all unique within our own right, there is something that is common to everyone. We are all at some point going to experience adversity. There’s no getting around it. Those who do will only heap upon themselves more heartache and pain. 

For the believer, adversity advances our spiritual well-being. The very thought of such may be difficult to digest, but God in His sovereignty allows certain situations to go against our grain so that His person, purpose and plan takes precedence over whatever hinders our walk and growth in the Lord.

True, we need help dealing with our troubles. Most of all, we need help dealing with our lack of trust in God especially when adversity strikes.

Adversity affects our trust. The faith to believe God and stand on biblical truth tends to give way to what we see, think and feel about our circumstances.

However, the battle does not have to be so one-sided. We can reverse the affects of adversity. It begins by embracing three essential Scriptural truths about the character of God and how in adversity He desires to relate to you.

First, you must accept the truth that God is completely sovereign. He knows what touches you so that the end result is for His glory and your good.

Secondly, see God as the only One who is infinite in wisdom. He knows everything there is to ever know about you, your situation and what needs to be done.

Thirdly, don’t gloss over the truth that God is perfect in love. Whether it’s tough love or tender love, you can count on it not to harm you.

All of these truths are represented throughout Scriptures. However the prophet Jeremiah wrote about each in Lamentations 3:22-38.

Allow the prophet's words to go beyond facts.

As you do you will go beyond your ability to address your personal pain. Ask God, through the Holy Spirit to awaken these truths within you so that you can begin to advance through your adversity with greater assurance that God is trustworthy. 



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