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Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

  11/30/2015, devotion for week #48 
  Reference: Job 1:1-22, I Thessalonians 5:18

When you think of Job of the Bible, one of the main things you think about is the magnitude of suffering he endured as a result of the avalanche of troubles that struck his life. Yet Job did not compromise his gratitude towards God. 

Gratitude is necessary for handling difficult situations. As the news of his personal tragedies paraded before him, Job 1:20-21 indicates that Job demonstrated a resolved heart that did not waver in its belief in God. As devastating as his circumstances were, Job found something for which to be grateful – God is still in control. He said that “Lord gave…” and “…has taken away.”

Was he estatic about what happened? No. Would he give anything for repeat performances? Doubtful.

Yet, he was grateful to God for being faithful in the midst of his adversities. God would see Job through and even keep him in his low momemts. Deep within his heart, Job knew God would sustain and strengthen him as he walked through his valley experiences. More importantly, Job was so devoted to God (perfect and upright man, Job 1:1), until he knew full well that God would bring him to His expected end.

This devotional is not about being grateful for all of the good things that happens in your life, nor all of the material blessings God sends your way either by His grace or in response to your obedience.

This is a test of the grateful heart that is best demonstrated when and as you offer to God three key responses to adversity:

  • 1. Offer to God your confessions of dependency upon Him.
  • 2. Offer your commitment to stay focused on the fact God in steadfast love is intimately caring for you.
  • 3. Offer a contrite spirit, prayerfully surrendering your hurts and pain to Him.

    From these responses, you will experience a closeness with God that will exceed your expectations and free you from inhibitions you may have in trusting God during current and future adversities. Then your heart will freely overflow with gratitide. 



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