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The Greatest Love Of All

  3/1/2015, devotion for week #9 
  Reference: John 3:16, 17; 8:1-11, Romans 5:8

We may find it hard to admit but most of us know that deep within our greatest need above all else is to be loved and accepted. Humanly speaking love has everything to do with what we have done right and well. Itís performance based. Not so with God. 

All the works that one may consider adequate for earning Godís love and gaining His acceptance are insufficient, all of the time. Godís love is unconditional. John 3;16 says God gave His Son because of His intense love.

This is the type of love we all need. And it is available to everyone.

In John 8:1-11, the adulterous woman was taken to Jesus to determine her fate. To the surprise to all who were present Jesus forgave her and set her free.

The goal of Godís love is not to approve of our sin but to transform our lives through the faith in Jesus Christ. People will spend a lifetime searching for love not realizing it has been available to them all along.

Many times, God allows the consequences of our sin to catch up with us so that He can get our attention and bring us to repentance as we surrender and cry out in confession to Him. When this happens, you should know that there is no need to spend another moment living without or even questioning the love God has for you. No one will ever love you more than He does. And there is no greater love than His.

For Godís love is eternal. (Jeremiah 31:5). Long before you were born, the Lord had already determined to love you.

Godís love is incomprehensible. It is beyond the best or wisest of our collective understandings. It is greater than our greatest sin. It is consistent and committed.

Godís love never changes. He does not wait for our lives to straighten up then His love for us kicks in.

Godís love reaches out to the lost, the hurting as a result of our sins. He knows we struggle and feel ashamed. When we cry out to Him sincerely, He hears our prayers and answers our call for help (Psalm 107:13; I John 1:9). 



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