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Not The Same Old Christmas! by Rev. Wayne Palmer

  12/7/2016, devotion for week #49 
  Reference: Psalm 80:1-7: Restore us, O God of hosts; let Your face shine, that we may be saved!

Are you hoping for the perfect, fairy-tale Christmas? From now until the end of the Advent Season, you can turn to the Sunday devotions to jumpstart your week with inspiration. Daily devotions are offered by clicking on the link. 

Are you hoping for the perfect, fairy-tale Christmas this year? You know, it's the kind with award-winning decorations inside and outside your house, family gatherings and parties filled with laughter, everyone excited about your presents, and keeping your budget from sinking in the process.

Odds are the next 28 days aren't going to run that smoothly. There never seems to be enough money; gatherings and parties often have more tension than laughter; and those presents your kids wanted on December 7 aren't always the same ones they want on December 24!

Maybe that's the heart of our problem. We mistakenly think we can only have a perfect Christmas if we can avoid any problems in December. The trouble is we'll never have that kind of December in this world. There will always be problems of one sort or other: unemployment, strained relationships, health problems, or loved ones who won't be with us this year.

But despite these obstacles, you can enjoy a Christmas filled with joy, peace and hope. These devotions are all about doing just that-transforming this Christmas to make it everything it should be, even in the middle of the chaos of life. But you have to know one thing first: there is nothing we can do to transform this Christmas ourselves. Someone else has to do it-a little baby born in the faraway town of Bethlehem.

Come along with us and see God transform this Christmas for you-no matter where you are or what you encounter the next four weeks.

PRAYER: Lord God, come to me and transform my Christmas this year. Fill it with joy and light, no matter what my circumstances are. I pray in Your Son's Name. Amen.  



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